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Accident or negligence?

Accident or negligence?   With a few exceptions, an accident is simply an incident which no one could have reasonably foreseen and for which no one should be held responsible.   Negligence is defined, in short, as something which you can reasonably foresee will injure someone else who is likely to be affected by your actions or lack of actions.   If you have been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence and you require medical treatment, you should visit your GP and/or local hospital and provide a full history of the incident and how your injury occurred.   If at work or on someone else’s business premises contact the health and safety officer and make sure the incident is recorded in the accident book.   Bring the incident to the attention of the relevant local authorities (for example, the police) as soon as possible.   If you are a member of a trade union, contact your local representative or office. They will provide you with support and legal advice.   Contact a local personal injury solicitor who may offer you a free initial interview and you will be assured of independent, regulated legal advice.   Personal injury is a complex area of law and voluntary accreditation schemes exist for lawyers which help you to recognise their individual skills and expertise.   Local charities, such as Headway and Spinal Injuries Association provide local support for you and your family.   Your local benefits office will advise you on your entitlements whilst you are recovering from your injury.   Others may contact you Be aware of claims farmers   Insurers who are over keen to settle your claim quickly by discouraging you from seeing a lawyer.   OBTAIN INDEPENDENT LEGAL REPRESENTATION TO ENSURE YOU ARE ADVISED ON ALL YOUR ENTITLEMENTS – Stewarts Solicitors have APIL accredited Solicitors.   Information provided by APIL    

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