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Mandatory Advance Cargo Declaration Regime

From 1st January 2011, for goods being imported and exported out of the EU, advance notification of relevant safety and security information needs to be given to Customs.

Depending on the set-up of the transportation chain, the notification needs to be given by either the ship operator, carrier, ship’s agent, freight forwarder or – in the case of combined transport operations where trucks are driven on to a ferry – by the haulier. In other words, the new regime affects everyone involved in transportation.

The system is electronic, so the person with responsibility for giving the information to Customs needs to make sure that their computer system can talk to Customs’ computer system – you may need to upgrade your IT and you definitely need to train your staff.

Penalties are imposed for failure to comply but as is often the case, there are various exemptions.

In addition, you could be breaching your insurance or other contractual obligations if you do not comply.

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