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Holiday Injuries Abroad

Unfortunately a large number of people fall victim to an accident abroad, contracting an illness or suffering from an unforeseen injury.

Any accident, illness or injury suffered of holiday can of course cause pain and upset, and in addition, often results in disruption to the remaining time spent abroad. However in circumstances such as these there are laws in place to protect those who are the victim of an incident abroad which occurred as the result of circumstances outside of their control.

The nature of the injury and how it occurs will determine how the case is treated, deciding whether the claim is brought against the individual responsible for the injury or the situation that caused the injury, or against that individual’s insurance company if applicable. Claims can also be filed not just for the sustained injuries but also because of the disruption to the holiday caused by the injury in question.

In some cases when your travel insurance is insufficient or non-existent, depending on the claim, it may be possible to file a claim in the UK courts against either the individual or company responsible for the injury or the situation that caused the injury.

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Common Accident Abroad Claims

  • Illness as a result of poor hygiene
  • An accident in a hotel/resort premises, such as a trip, slip or fall by the pool or on slippery/uneven surfaces
  • Incident or injury as result of negligence on behalf of hotel/restaurant/company
  • A road traffic accident whether you were a passenger, driver or pedestrian
  • Airline incidents
  • A serious injury abroad

The Package Travel Regulations

By law you have the right to expect the holiday that you booked and paid for. So, look carefully at how the package holiday is described in the brochure or website.

If the holiday doesn’t match the description, under the Package Travel Regulations you may have a claim against the tour operator for compensation.

The tour operator, if you’ve booked a package holiday, is liable for all the services – car hire, accommodation, flights, etc – as long as they were part of the package the tour operator arranged for you.

The Package Travel Regulations can be used to assist you in pursuing claims against tour operators.

In relation to any claim, it’s essential to establish whether your package holiday falls within the meaning of the Package Travel Regulations.

If your holiday contract falls within the definition, you’ll benefit from the additional terms implied in the contract by the Regulations.

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